Students Feedback – Psychic Art Workshops with Ros

Psychic Art Workshop Students

Marla Bryan, Psychic Art Workshop, Hebden Bridge, UK

I really enjoyed the day and meeting everyone. It all felt like it was just meant to be. Ros is a wonderful teacher who brings so much love, joy and wisdom to her teaching.

Laura Norton – Psychic Art Workshop – Garstang, Lancs, UK

I feel more comfortable now that I can start making my way down a spiritual path. In this workshop I have healed and enjoyed interacting with wonderful people. I realised that each of us has powerful intention. I feel I need to trust this and now wish to nurture and develop my psychic powers (which I didn’t think I had!) and communication with my spirit guides. I really enjoyed building up a story in a picture, working with colour and doing aura pictures and reading for other people

Susan Coutanche – Chorley Psychic Art Workshop – UK

absolutely wonderful and excellent workshop! I’m so very pleased I was able to attend and feel as though I have learned a lot and gained further and deeper understanding in the workings of ‘spirit’. Thank you Ros for a very interesting and magical workshop! I hope we are able to meet again. With all Good Wishes, Su xx

Margaret Bowers – Psychic Art Workshop – Chorley, UK

I was a little worried about my lack of knowledge of art and my ability to do art, but Ros made me feel at ease and once I got started I really enjoyed the day.

“On every workshop, the Universe conspires to bring everyone together who needs to be here. And somehow the magic happens”


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Julie Robinson

It was wonderful to have the time and space to create psychic images in a safe, contains group. Loved the relaxed atmosphere and sharing experiences with other people.

Alison Knox

the group dynamic was magical! The final exercise gave me the face I needed to see – August Rodin

June Kaye Spencer

The best part of the workshop was the guidance given by Ros and the interaction between each person and our spirit guides. Bless you Ros and thank you for this wonderful day.

Cheryl Monaghan

The day worked out far better than I had anticipated. I am now feeling more confident and hoping to continue with my psychic art in the near future.

Alison Parry, Psychic Art Workshop, Chorley, UK

The day went very quickly. Reinforces the message to trust your intuitions and never to judge. Fantastic recommendations for art materials. Ros is very warm and welcoming and I would definitely welcome more courses in the future. 

Sarah Hanley – Psychic Art Workshop – Chorley, UK

I feel the workshop increased my confidence in my abilities to ‘draw’ or rather ‘express’ giving me confidence in colour and my abilities. Thank you xx

Jo Housham – Psychic Art Workshop – Preston, Lancs, UK

Most enlightening. Lovely group of people to work alongside. Ros focussed on everyone individually to help them understand. Quite shocked myself by what I have experienced and achieved in one day. A major Thank you x

Veronica Angus – Psychic Art Workshop – Preston, UK 

It was totally new with some mind blowing aspects which would take time to sink in, rationalise with my faith, belief and the universe. This workshop was excellent for my self confidence.

Julia Emerson – Psychic Art Workshop – Vitality Garstang, UK

I have really enjoyed this workshop. It has helped me understand how I can connect my spirituality with my art, and also use it to assist me when I’m reading. Fantastic! I felt the time went really fast and would love to do this, or some thing similar, again.

Jeannette Corry – Psychic Art Workshop – Vitality Garstang, UK

Did not know what to expect. Really enjoyed every aspect of the workshop. Learnt t things that I had been having difficulty doing in the past. Ros showed me that there is always another way. I wish this workshop could run every week.

Maria Graham – Psychic Art Workshop – Vitality Garstang, UK

Ros is a brilliant teacher and I’ve learnt so much. Every part of the workshop was excellent. I will definitely come on another course at a different venue. Thank you so much for a wonderful day

Lorraine Phillips – Psychic Art Workshop – Chorley, UK

Very comprehensive. A great opportunity to try and develop new skills. I will definitely continue with this at home. It was really exciting. Loved it.

Debra Sofia Magdalene – Psychic Art Workshop – Hebden Bridge, UK

I really enjoyed the day. It’s the first time I’ve worked with pastels and I love this medium. It was lovely channelling whatever came through and working with the other delegates.


“Ros is fab the group was fab. Keep up the fab work you do!

Enjoyed the day immensely. Truly remarkable!”

Debbie Whiteley 

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