2015-Profile-pic-webROS COLEMAN (that’s me) has been channelling messages from Spirit Guides and painting their portraits for others for 14 years now. This is how my mediumship works. I am clairvoyant and ‘see’ spirit in my mind’s eye. I ‘hear’, not as a physical sound but in the same way one would have a memory of a tune or someone speaking. I can feel what it is like to be someone, or some thing else, e.g. an animal. When I tune in to them I can feel their emotions and thoughts; how they are sensing their environment, and what it like to be in their physical form. This what an ’empath’ is. I am an empath.

I am also an artist and connect most strongly with what many call ‘the Spirit world’ when I am painting. Through the process of creating a painting, shapes and colours take on a whole new meaning. And if my intention is that the meaning is what someone wants as a message from their spirit guide, then that is what happens. Sounds crazy, but it works.

When I first started doing psychic art my intention was to paint portraits of spirit guides and pass meaningful messages from them to other people. I spent around 12 years working in Mind Body and Spirit Shows as a psychic artist, specialising in painting portraits of Spirit guides. Initially the spirits that came through were souls that had existed at some point in time as a human being. But as I continued to work and gain experience, other spirits started to appear in my paintings – animals, angels, star beings and people or creatures from other planets. There were nature spirits too – fairies and elemental beings whose essence was air, fire, earth or water. Gods and goddesses, ascended masters and occasionally, souls in the spirit world who were related and known to the person I was channelling for.

The spirit guides I encountered came from all walks of life – warriors and soldiers, religious and medical folk, gypsies, mystics, dancers, musicians, kings, queens and even a tramp. They had lived in different times – from ancient to recent history – their homes in places we knew, to others I’d never even heard of. Religion was only ever alluded to by a guide in order to establish a connection with, or make a point to, my sitter (I don’t like this word – I will call the people who sit with me for a reading my ‘friend’ from now on). For example. a Roman Catholic Nun came through for a friend who belonged to the Catholic faith, and a Celtic deity appeared for someone who was a Wiccan and a Tibetan monk for someone was a Buddhist. One thing though, connected every single guide. Each one brought feelings of love for my friend at the time and gave messages that were useful and relevant.

Every talk I gave was popular and I always included a question and answer session toward the end. Certain questions came up regularly. The following articles contain these questions and the answers I give according to my perception of this truth. My blog is for the purpose of giving you an insight into the world of Spirit. So many now are looking for answers, to find a connection with something they have experienced but do not understand.

Perhaps something, somewhere in these pages will help you find what you are looking for.

For Questions and Answers about Spirit Guides and Guidance, start here.

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