DO YOU WANT TO SEE some seriously spooky spirit guides? When I am channelling a picture for someone, I never know what to expect so am constantly surprised. Strangely, however weird the guide, the picture has always been well accepted by the friend receiving it. Here are three of the weirdest guides I have met and the stories that go with them.

Sally’s Prehistoric Lynx

Prehistoric-Lynx-spirit-guide-by-ros-coleman-psychic-artistStarting with one of the cutest, and most recent weird guide. Sally came to my studio in Hebden Bridge for her spirit guide portrait. She was late, but her guide wasn’t. He came early. I knew this because I saw his image imprinted on the stone wall outside my window (is it a lioness? Jaguar?….) just before Sally arrived. Then I felt him close. BIGGER than a lioness. HUGE muscles around the chest, but I still didn’t know what it was.

When Sally had settled in, she asked me about animal spirit guides and decided to have one of those instead of a human-type guide. A huge blue circle appeared on the page first. “That’s what I see when I meditate!” she exclaimed. Then a message that brought tears. Certain things in this beautiful lady’s life were not right and it was plain that this big cat wanted to support her through it till the sun shone brightly again.

Sally was delighted when I told her the big cat had been waiting here for her. In went the huge face, then the teeth, then he described his terrain, which was varied and the weather and his food supply, both of which were seasonal and subject to abrupt and extreme change.

As the picture progressed I learned that he lived in a time when the Earth was populated by creatures that had similarities to those of today, but were much larger. I asked him why they were larger then, and he explained that it was because everything was larger. And there was more of everything, and there was a balance in nature at that time. He was a supreme survivor and highly adaptable. He wanted to give Sally strength and the support of a creature with his survival skills. He asked her to in imagine him being with her when she took walks in nature, because he would be there at her side.



At one of my regular stands at Mansfield Mind Body and Spirit Show, Eric, the show’s organiser, asked me if I would do my talk on something little different. “How about I talk about Animals, Aliens and Elementals?” I suggested. Eric’s face lit up. We settled on that. When the day came I could not believe my eyes when I walked into the talk room – it was packed! Every chair was taken and the standing audience was pressed against the walls. It was popular talk, very well received and afterwards a queue formed at my stand to have their spirit guides painted.

For one those people, this cute little creature appeared. The gentleman he was painted for was having his first life experience as a human and was feeling very out of place here on Earth. The creature communicated with me telepathically, explain that he was one of two predominant life forms that co-existed in harmony on his planet. The other form was humanoid. Both forms were vegetarian.

The creature had come from the gentleman’s home planet for two reasons. The first was to let him know that his friends were with him. The second was to help him adjust his sensory perceptions so he could more easily understand humans. Notice the sensitive nose and ears. Those ears were always moving, listening, picking up on every sound. And the sensitive pads at the end of his long fingers. This animal was a master senser. My friend loved the creature and decided to call it ‘Yoda’. Of course it wasn’t it’s real name but we thought it fitted him to a ‘T’.

A ‘Grey’ Alien Spirit Guide


Before I say anything else, please forget everything you have may have seen on Youtube or heard about ‘Grey aliens’ being ‘evil’ or predatory. As far as THIS one is concerned, it’s all nonsense.

Glastonbury, UK, summer of 2011. There I was, sitting next to ‘John’. This was the guide that came through. To be honest, I can’t remember much about this channel, apart from feelings that the picture generated in me – and in John. Firstly I was somewhat anxious about how John might feel about it.

Fortunately, and to my intense relief, John loved his guide and identified with the message. John was highly intuitive himself and said he had always felt somewhat out of place on Earth, as if it was his first time here. The little part of me that was unsure how such a spooky-looking guide might be received by a paying customer, was  calmed. All was well.

Secondly, the guide came in with almost overwhelming feelings of love that John and I felt most powerfully. It was like sitting in a powerful, healing radiance of love. The entire reading was spent in an out-of-worldly feeling of bliss. And it wouldn’t go away!

In fact John and I were enjoying the feeling so much, we just wanted to bask in it. It was around mid-day so John and I decided to have lunch together – taking his grey alien guide’s sensations of bliss with us. I don’t remember what I ate or what we talked about. What I do recall was that the bliss/love/healing feeling lasted throughout the main course, continued through dessert and only starting fading away when the coffee arrived. Back to reality, we went our separate ways, each taking with us an extraordinary memory and an equally extraordinary tale to tell.

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