Spirit Guide by Ros Coleman Psychic Artist

Mischievous Medieval midwife

THE SPIRIT WORLD certainly have a sense of humour. I could not forget this reading because it was so unusual and rather cheeky. Spirit guides are often drawn to people who share similar interests or roles. This was certainly the case in this reading.

I was reading for Meg, a tall dark haired lady, attractive and aged around thirty, very smartly dressed. As Meg’s drawing began, the shape of a heart appeared right in the very centre of the page.

“This is about Love” I told her then as the heart became embellished carefully around the top edge “a very special love”. This was something that felt really important to Meg. The drawing was very neat, sharp, with clean lines and I felt that the lady in the drawing wore spotlessly clean clothes and kept her movements very neat, like her appearance.

There was a very mischievous twinkle in her eye and I could see her captivating men with her flirtatious nature, and beguiling them with those bewitching eyes. She told me that she loved babies and was a midwife.

“Meg, why would a mischievous medieval midwife who loves babies be helping you with her flirtatious nature ?” I asked. Meg started to giggle.

“I’ve been married four years now and I want to start a family” she said “but my husband doesn’t think it’s the right time. I’ve tried reasoning with him but he always manages to talk me round”. The cheeky midwife’s eyes twinkled at us and in my mind’s eye she gave a cheeky wink.

“Meg, you’ve tried logic and negotiation and it doesn’t seem to be working. Your guide seems to be suggesting that you use your womanly wiles instead of verbal tactics. Perhaps a change of strategy may be worth a try. What do you think?”

Meg had been mirroring her husband’s logical approach. In the past she had felt that serious debate and reasoning was tactic. Having a baby was her dearest wish, perhaps it was time to change tack.

“You know” she said thoughtfully “I hadn’t even thought of that.” She glanced at me sharply. It was light watching a light go on. “Yes, her energy is just what I need.” Then Meg grinned. “By the way, all the women in my family are midwives, and have been for the past eight generations!”


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