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Your Spirit Guides hold important roles in your life and destiny. Your spirit guides understand your higher purpose and work as a team for your highest good. As you progress on your journey through life, learning and evolving into a higher vibrational and spiritual being, they assist and support you with love.

A portrait can help you form a closer bond with your spirit guide and a reading will help you understand why this particular guide is with you at this time.


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Spirit Guide Portrait by Ros Coleman Psychic Artist
Example Spirit Guide Portrait in B&W

How it Works

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we are connected via our intention and the energy/essence of universal one-ness. Focusing on you and your spirit guide as I tune in creates the connection.

For your reading we will connect directly via Zoom. For around an hour we will share special time in conversation during which your Spirit Guide will join us and convey their message to you using Ros as their channel of communication.

Ros will start creating the painting of your spirit guide so you can see the colour and energy build on the page. We take photos of your painting throughout because it tends to change as the painting develops.

Ros will complete the painting after your reading then email the photos to you so you can see them shortly afterwards. Ros will then send the originals to you via regular postage channels.

Once you have placed your order please contact Ros on ros@roscoleman.com to arrange a mutually convenient time for your reading on Zoom.

What you will receive 

When your Spirit Guide’s portrait is ready I will email it to you straight away. You will then have less time to wait before seeing your Spirit Guide while the originals are making their way to you by regular post.

Have a Question? 

Most questions about Spirit Guide Portraits are answered on my FAQ page or please Contact Ros.

































































Tom Wright

“Such amazing resonance with this, all is very keyed to me and I was constantly wondering if I was being driven to stream of consciousness answers to my questions via typing or handwriting. I always wanted to type but for some reason I had l reservations about it not being handwritten and then simply did not do it. Thank you, Ros, this is so dear to me.”

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