Psychic Portraits – Frequently Asked Questions

How would I benefit from a portrait of my Spirit Guide?

There are many ways you can benefit from a portrait of your Spirit Guide.

Your Spirit Guide’s energy is held in the fabric of the paper, and the pastel or pencil colours. Many people have reported that they can feel this energy physically as a warmth or vibration, even from an electronic image.

Every shape, colour, symbol and image on the page holds a vibration that will be beneficial to you. This may be in the sense of healing; awakening or enhancing your own natural intuitive or psychic abilities, or forming a stronger connection and communication with your Spirit Guide.

How long will it take to receive my portrait?

The waiting time between ordering and receiving your portrait, or portrait with reading, will vary according to how busy I am. It normally tends to be 3-4 weeks, though it can be shorter or longer than this depending on whether I have a course running.

I always welcome an email from you if you would like a more precise answer. Please use ros@roscoleman.com or visit my contact page.

If ordering for Christmas, I would recommend you order 8 weeks beforehand, especially if ordering from outside the UK, to ensure that your portrait arrives in time.

Can I buy a Psychic Portrait and Reading as a Gift for someone else?

Certainly, and many people like to do this for someone who is special to them. A psychic portrait and reading makes a wonderful gift. During checkout you will be able to add special instructions for Ros. You can include the recipient’s name and address here, or email them to Ros using ros@roscoleman.com or by visiting my Contact Page.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept payments by Paypal, where you can also pay by visa debit or MasterCard. This is a secure payment method and currently how my payments are set up. If you prefer you can send money by instant bank transfer. Please email me on ros@roscoleman.com or contact me via my Contact page if you would prefer to use this method.

Do you do Skype Spirit Guide Portrait appointments??

Yes certainly. This is a wonderful way to connect, and it is as though we are sitting in the same room. I would create your spirit guide’s portrait and give you information and messages from your guide during our session. So rather than having a written reading, it would be spoken instead. You are perfectly welcome to record the Skype session so you can listen and watch later, as often as you like.

Skype sessions take around an hour and there is no added cost.

To arrange a spirit guide portrait and reading with me via Skype please make your order, then use my Contact Form to let me know what kind of day/time would work best for you. I can then get back to you with potential appointments that would work for us both. I am on GMT and weekends or weekdays are fine.

How can I arrange a Group Booking at my home or venue?

If you would like to book Ros to join your group for a special event, this is possible either in person or from a distance via Webinar or Google Hangout.  Some options you may like to consider include:-

  • Spirit Guide portraits for group members who would like this
  • A portrait of the Spirit Guide who is overseeing or mentoring your spiritual group or circle. This gives everyone in the group an opportunity to interact with the group’s spirit guide.
  • A talk/discussion about Spirit Guides and how to connect with them. This could also include a Spirit Guide Q and A session where Ros answers your questions about psychic art.
  • A talk and demonstration of Psychic Art.

For group bookings, in person or via the internet, please contact Ros in the first instance via my Contact page, via email ros@roscoleman.com or my UK mobile +44 (0) 7793 358194.

May I put one of your Spirit Guide Portraits on my Website?

I would love you to do that. Please ask me first. You will need to include a direct link to my website from the picture and/or any descriptive text, making it clear that it was I who painted it.

If you are unsure about anything with regard to my copyright, please read my copyright statement here.

Can you paint the specific spirit guide or soul I ask for?

Many people do know their spirit guides and it is a wonderful experience when that guide does come through in a portrait/reading. This has happened on several occasions which is a lovely surprise. The decision as to who comes forward for you however is not taken by me. I do not have that authority with the Spirit world. My own role is purely as the artist and relayer of information from your spirit guide to you.

The decision as to who appears in your portrait belongs to your team of spirit guides. They have your highest purpose and well-being at heart and they know who is right for you at this time.

You are very welcome to ask this question, and I would hold the intention for you when I channel for you. But that is the best I can do. The decision who actually appears in the portrait is up to Spirit.

I have health/money/legal problems - as a medium can you help?

The pictures I create do hold and radiate healing energy which many have said they can feel. It is your Spirit Guide’s energy which is held in the colour and fabric of the paper. You will always have that healing energy around you.

If you have a specific medical condition, financial problem or legal situation, I am not qualified to help in these areas and would direct you to a normal source of practical assistance in this area.

Please read my full statement and disclaimer here.

Can you predict what my future holds?

Sorry – I do not specialise in telling futures. At every moment we are either consciously or unconsciously making choices and decisions that could affect our future in some way. In these current times, the internet, choice of jobs, travel etc. opens up any number of possibilities that could affect your future somehow. This means that a future told in one moment may be correct at the time, but any choice you make later could open up a new future direction for you.

It has happened that words I have channelled from a spirit guide have become relevant for someone hours, days, months, even years later. I only know this because the person concerned has written to me or phoned me to tell me about it. I am delighted for my friend when this happens but I would not have known this would happen at the time. All I do is relay messages and pictures faithfully as I receive them, and this is always for your highest good.

If your question is not answered here, please contact Ros.

I always aim to answer within or before 24 hours of receiving your enquiry.


Commission Ros – Order a Psychic Portrait and Reading

A unique portrait of your personal spirit guide, animal guide or guardian angel channelled by Ros Coleman. In glowing colour pastel  or soft B&W graphite pencil.


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