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Roaring Twenties Flapper Spirit Guide by Ros Coleman

You can watch More to Life’s video of Ros channelling Jayne’s Spirit Guide portrait when you click this link

As soon as Ros Coleman put her hand to her easel, I knew we were connecting on a massive level. As the spirit portrait began to take shape, I knew the lady she was drawing on a deep personal level. I knew who she was, what she like and what was important to her. She had so many of my traits is was quite spellbinding. Ros has a gift, a truly authentic and very connected gift.
Jayne Lea

Editor, More to Life Magazine

Hi Ros, I just wanted to write a few words to thank you for the wonderful experience you gave me last October at the Worksop Mind, Body, Spirit event at Worksop Masonic Hall.   I didn’t give you any information of the face that I had started  to see every now and again when I meditated or when I was quiet but there before me a face of the red indian I had been seeing appeared!!  Amazing!! Sending you best wishes, Angie
Angie Firkins

Worksop, UK

Hello Ros, How are you, trust you had safe journey home saturday, the energy in the room upstairs was incredible was it not, it was so moving and uplifting to meet such a wonderful gifted soul as yourself at the weekend, The portrait you did for me has inspired me so much, to draw close and think of him is a wonder in itself. My wonderful drawing hangs proud in a new frame I bought today in my seance room, God bless you girl and all the wonderful work that transmits through your hands. I  feel I was privileged to meet you and I hope our paths cross again soon, Chris xx
Chris Howarth

Worksop, UK

Hi Ros, Thank you seems such a small comment, which does not do justice to the way we feel about your amazing talents. On my part I feel very humbled to know that you and others see J.C. as one of my spirit guide. The healing energy is apparent all the time. Throughout my life I have had major decisions to make and the correct outcome seems to have always come to the surface via what seems intuitive guidance. May your light continue to shine brightly throughout all of your channelled work. Bless you. Love and Light

Milton Keynes, UK

Johannes_Vermeer-spirit-guide-portrait-250hNote from Ros This portrait was for Linda’s Mum, Connie. Connie told me after her sitting that she was a psychic artist.
Hi Ros. I really enjoyed our readings on Sunday. I have looked up Mum’s guide, Johannes on the internet and found information on him. I think that Mum’s guide is Johannes Vermeer. One of his most famous paintings is the girl with the pearl earring.  Look forward to receiving your email with the photos. Many blessings (Linda)

Chorley, Lancashire, UK

Hi Ros. The soul portrait that you did for me was so peaceful and just seemed relaxing. Words cannot explain the oneness that I felt and now that I have replied I hope the feeling does not go.  Every time I look at it I’m taken to a place of such beauty, calm and oneness. I want to wish you a happy Christmas and a joyful New Year. Love and light (Gill) xxx

Manchester, UK


Ros Note
This is a portrait of Jesus, whom I have painted several times. Each time, either during or after the reading, crazy and wonderful coincidences happen. This picture appears in my book “True Guardian Angel Stories”, available here.

Blessings Ros. Thank you so much for the drawing you did for me today, such a beautiful energy. Very moving. I am so glad to have met you and I am sure we will meet again sometime. I will certainly tell my friends about you and your drawings… they are just wonderful! May you continue to be bathed in love and light. Deepest gratitude, Al

Cheltenham, UK

Hi Ros, A belated note to tell you how much I LOVE the guide portrait you did for me.   The painting itself, the message and even the packaging. It gives the impression of impeccability, one I truly value. Interestingly, I received the same encouragement of peace while visiting Israel and in the midst of pondering how in the world would peace ever come to this part of the world. The message from Nadiyeh, my guide you painted, gives me hope. The timing was perfect! I saw on fb that you had a sell out painting event. I am happy for you and heartened you are getting your word out. Thank you for all that you do and cheers for peace! Love, Jane
Jane Doyle

Chicago, IL


Hello Ros, I was quite overwhelmed when I met “Anisha” my most beautiful Lioness Guide.  What a relevation and how UTTERLY Beeeooutiful she is.  I couldn’t stop looking at the portrait to begin with, not only because I wasn’t expecting anything as regal or as beautiful, but because it is so calming and makes me feel very at peace.  A couple of times recently, I have had some quite emotionally stirring moments bordering on fear, but into my head popped my Spirit Guide and my Animal Guide and with a few deep intakes of breath, I felt calm again.  It is as if they tell you through the power of thought, that all is as it is meant to be.

So A HUGE THANK YOU Ros for such wonderful portraits.  They are just…. WOW! What has been so life changing from them, is the effect of all of the portraits so far,  quite profound and thought provoking.  So my heartfelt thanks for everything that has come from you so far.  It has been a beautiful experience.  A huge hug and with love, Sophia xx”

Sophia Krzeczunowicz

Ascot, UK


Dear Ros, Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the wonderful spirit guide picture. It is already framed and in pride of place in our house! For my part I am overawed at your talent and ability. You have captured the very essence of Joel and for me the picture is ‘alive’ – a living, almost breathing image before me and with a wonderful quality of love shining through. Amazing? No! Surprising? No! Throughout my childhood I had a much loved teddy which was constantly on my bed and which I named “Joel”! So the name is very familiar to me and has such a huge feeling of love and security attached to it. “Joel” was there for me as a comfort through some tough times in my early years and is now a very present help in my daily life. I say again thank you very much. Love and Kisses… 

Milton Keynes, UK

Hi Ros! I just wanted to say thank you for today xx I love my beautiful pictures. You helped me a great deal. I can’t stop thinking about everything you said. I keep seeing my guide’s face in my mind’s eye. This is very comforting and grounding to me and I feel a very strong urge to move forward. I am not sure what to exactly…. only that I want to do a lot of thinking and soul-searching literally. I feel excited and want to learn more as soon as I can. Love to you, Jabeen xxx

Preston, UK



Thomas Wright, Massachusetts, USA

Such amazing resonance with this, all is very keyed to me and I was constantly wondering if I was being driven to stream of consciousness answers to my questions via typing or handwriting. I always wanted to type but for some reason I had l reservations about it not being handwritten and then simply did not do it. Thanks you this is so dear to me.

Christine Shea, Pennsylvania, USA

Dear Ros, I can’t thank you enough for the gorgeous pictures and the wonderful reading.  You have such a gift and I am amazed and so moved by meeting my guide and talking with you.  What you shared was so meaningful — SO much more than a drawing and reading…. just such an incredible connection. Gratitude and blessings to you.

Janet, Bolton, UK

Hi Ros, I’ve just received my Spirit painting. It’s absolutely beautiful! I don’t actually have words to describe how it looks. Can you give me a quick ring when you come in. I just want to thank you personally. It’s absolutely wonderful. Thank you

Paul, Birmingham, England

Good morning Ros. We met yesterday in Birmingham where you drew my wonderful red Indian guide! I just wanted to say I love it! It’s almost mesmerizing. I enjoyed the whole experience. It was spiritual and totally destined. Love Paul xx




Dear Ros. Thank you so much! My portrait arrived in the mail today. Even more wonderful to hold it and gaze at it. Be well. Polly

Livia, UK

Dear Ros, I hope you are well. I just wanted to thank you for the absolutely lovely portrait of my guide you’ve drawn for me. She is truly beautiful, thank you again. Lots of love, Livia xx

Stephanie Lyon

York, UK


Dear Ros, 
I feel I must again express my gratitude for the time we shared at the York Healing fair Saturday. Seeing the evolving portrait being created through your hands was a rare experience, and the insights shared rang true. When I returned home I was pointed at the record of the colours I experienced deeply and profoundly a day or so before. This is in poetic format, and I would like to share it with you, because of the resonance with the portrait of my guide.

* * * * * * *

Compassion for all Beings

The colour of light in realms beyond the library incomprehensible

Pale violet with pink Gold and silver flecks, filled with love and understanding

Arising, what seems orange

In reality gold, purified 
in the fiery furnace

Alive and potent.

Centrally, a black dot

But within that dot

The key to the mysteries

The point of light

So infinitesimal

But, the gateway through which one must pass

To access what is beyond words.

Tears from the heart 
lie like diamonds in my eyes

As the core of my Being

Is reminded and rests in that remembering.

Bless you, Ros and thanks

Krystal Cummings

Coquitlam, Canada


Thank you, thank you for this one too Ros! How interesting! The message makes a lot of sense and really resonates with me… especially right now! I have a frame all ready for her to join Kip and Lakshmi on the wall 🙂 . Have a wonderful weekend! Krystal Xx

Tracey, UK


Hi Ros, just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks again for my spirit guide portrait. It was a wonderful experience, and I want to thank you for sharing your incredible gift with me. Best wishes & happiness in your new home. Love Tracey x

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