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Your soul has travelled countless lifetimes, learning and evolving spiritual maturity as you have gained experience.  Sometimes unresolved issues or patterns may resurface in the current life, providing an opportunity to truly experience it and find clarity or resolution.

Equally, a Past Life Portrait can help you reconnect with resources you had in a previous lifetime, e.g. Wisdom, Courage, Love, Forgiveness, etc. Simply knowing who you were, and understanding your story in a Past Life can help bring about healing at a very deep level.

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Past Life Portrait by Ros Coleman Psychic Artist
Example Past Life Portrait in B&W

How it Works

Your soul has travelled countless lifetimes, learning and evolving spiritual maturity as you have gained experience on your eternal journal to enlightenment. As a psychic artist, I am able to access data from and create pictures of other peoples’ past lives. Distance is no object because we are all connected metaphysically via our joint intention and the energy/essence of universal one-ness. By asking the Universe to connect with the past life you are interested in, the information from your past lives can be accessed. My connection can be made even stronger with a photograph, which you can send via email to ros@roscoleman.com.

What you will receive

When I have completed your past life portrait/reading I will email them to you. This means you have less waiting time before the originals arrive on your doorstep by regular mail.

Your past life portrait will be a unique and original artwork. Included will be a fact sheet with instructions as to how best to use your past life portrait. This will be in addition to specific information I receive about your past life, if you opted to have a reading as well.

Your reading is normally around 2 pages of A4. You will learn about your past life, any challenges you may have faced and strengths and resources you can tap into now.

Have a Question?

Most questions about Spirit Guide Portraits are answered on my FAQ page or please Contact Ros.


Lancaster, UK

“Dear Ros, Like so many others who have had the privilege of meeting you and having a past life reading and portrait done, ‘Thank You’ just doesn’t seem to say enough. From the moment we met I felt peaceful and welcomed. I came to you to try and find the cause of a very difficult relationship.

It was amazing to see the face evolve from nothing on the paper to a few channeled lines then a perfect face. Now that I know where our life journeys together started and the reasons for my feeling, I can now start to mend the feelings of anger and betrayal. 

The reading made sense as to why we were drawn to living in this area when we had no other connections here.

With Love and Light always, Janette”

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