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Animals are pure spirits. Every type of animal is uniquely intelligent and perfectly adapted to even the most challenging environments. Each sub-species is blessed with a set of extraordinary abilities and senses that for the most part are completely out of human range. Animals make wonderful guides because they can bring these extraordinary gifts to us by enhancing our energies. 

A portrait of your animal guide will tell you which animal is closest to you and how they are helping you with their amazing skills and abilities.


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Tiger Spirit Guide Portrait by Ros Coleman Psychic Artist
Example Animal Guide Portrait in B&W

How it Works

Wherever you are in the world, we are connected via our intention, the energy/essence of universal one-ness and our shared love of animals. Focusing on you and the animal guide who is closest to you right now creates a wonderful connection. This connection can be made even stronger by emailing Ros a photograph of yourself at ros@roscoleman.com.

What you will receive

When I have completed your animal guide portrait/reading I will email them to you. This means you have less time to wait whilst the originals are on their way to you via regular mail.

Your animal guide’s portrait will be a unique and original artwork. Included will be instructions on how to communicate with your animal spirit guide. This will be in addition to any specific insights your guide has given for receiving their messages if you opted to have a reading.

Your reading is normally around 2 pages of A4. You will learn about your animal spirit guide and how this guide is helping you in their highly individual way. Your animal guide may also tell you how you may sense its proximity to you.

Have a Question?

Most questions about Spirit Guide Portraits are answered on my FAQ page. If you have a different question please Contact Ros.


Sophia Krzeczunowicz
Ascot, UK

“Hello Ros, I was quite overwhelmed when I met “Anisha” my most beautiful Lioness Guide.  What a relevation and how UTTERLY Beeeooutiful she is.  I couldn’t stop looking at the portrait to begin with, not only because I wasn’t expecting anything as regal or as beautiful, but because it is so calming and makes me feel very at peace.  A couple of times recently, I have had some quite emotionally stirring moments bordering on fear, but into my head popped my Animal Guide and with a few deep intakes of breath, I felt calm again.”

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