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Angels are the highest vibrational Beings, their hierarchy forming an integral aspect of the structure of the universe. Angels have appeared in all cultures from time immemorial and their divine purpose is to help us. 

A portrait of your guardian angel can help you form a closer bond with them. A reading will give you a direct message from your angel.


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Angel Portrait by Ros Coleman Psychic Artist
Example angel portrait by Ros Coleman

How it Works

I work with a team of spirit guides who help to create my paintings when I link with you and the angelic realms. As this happens the angel’s pure energy (light, love, colour, etc) streams through onto the painting we are creating for you. This may be in a recognisable form or energy represented as a mass of light and symbology as in the examples on the left. The result for you will be personal and unique to you.

After you have ordered please email Ros at ros@roscoleman.com to arrange a mutually convenient time and date for our Zoom appointment.

What you will receive

Once your angel’s portrait is ready I will email it to you so you have less time to wait before your originals arrive in the post.

Every portrait is a unique and original work of art. Included with your Angel’s portrait will be an information sheet with ways to communicate with your angel. 

Have a Question?

Most questions about Psychic Portraits of all kinds are answered on my Psychic Portraits FAQ page. If you wish to ask me something else, please Contact Ros.


Christine Shea
Pennsylvania, USA

“Dear Ros, I can’t thank you enough for the gorgeous pictures and the wonderful reading.  You have such a gift and I am amazed and so moved by meeting my guide and talking with you.  What you shared was so meaningful — SO much more than a drawing and reading…. just such an incredible connection. Gratitude and blessings to you.

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