Psychic Portraits by Ros

Ros is a spiritual/energy channel. I am often asked how this works and you can read more about this on the How it Works page. Practical aspects and what I do/don’t do can be found on the FAQ’s page.

To see some examples of my work please visit the Psychic Art Galleries, and to read about Spirit Guides and the stories behind some of my readings (illustrated of course) my Spirit Guide Blog has plenty of reading matter.

Your Guardian Angel

Angel Portraits

Angels exist in the highest spiritual realms, powerful beings whose energetic resonance or vibration is Love. They serve as our guardians and protectors. In my paintings they appear in a mass of colour and light.

Spirit Guide Portraits by Ros Coleman

Spirit Guides

Your Spirit Guides play important roles in your life from the spiritual realms and understand your higher purpose. Your Spirit Guide’s purpose is to support you on your journey through life and to help you fulfil your destiny.

Animal Guide Portraits by Ros Coleman

Animal Guides

Animals have come through in my paintings both in their Power Animal form and also as beloved companion animals who now reside in Spirit. Their messages of guidance are fascinating, pure and poignant.

Past Life Portraits by Ros Coleman

Past Lives

We have all had past lives. Understanding a past life can be a healing and transformational experience. It can also help to explain behaviours or feelings for which there appear to be no other explanation.

For all my portraits and readings, statements on my copyright and disclaimer pages apply.

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