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THIS IS THE STORY of how I was taught by my spirit guides to be a psychic artist.

I MET SOUL MATES CHRISTINA AND SANDY at a reiki exchange in 2001. Along with two others we formed a spiritual development circle. Sandy and I had much in common, sharing the same loves of horses, nature and dancing. To our amazement we even found we shared the same unusual maiden name. Sandy’s husband had been researching her family history and, wondering if there could be a connection, I turned to the huge bible that had been in my family for generations. The first name written there connected Sandy and I as relatives. Delightedly we adopted each other as cousins.


WE MEDITATED DEEPLY AT EACH SESSION. Before long, the other four group members began channelling messages from their spirit guides – but nothing happened for me. As the weeks passed I began to doubt whether I was capable of spirit communication at all. It even reached a point when I was about to leave the circle. What was the point? I asked myself. But then another ‘coincidence’ occurred.

Some weeks before, Christina had arranged for a medium to visit our circle and give readings. I decided this would be my last session. I chose not to have a reading but during the medium’s talk and demonstration she came to me and told me I was going to be a psychic artist. Furthermore, a famous artist in Spirit (an RA no less!) was waiting to work with me “when I was ready”. I loved art and drawing and was intrigued. I had questioned my continued presence at the circle and coincidentally, had received an answer two days later. I brought coloured pencils, paper and more questions for my guides to our next development session. I was back on track!

Taught by my Spirit Guides

MY INNER VISIONS became stronger once I started combining drawing with meditation. If I asked my guides a question, I found the answer would be revealed through my drawings. As I made my questions more challenging, my guides found ingenious ways to give me answers. I found their ingenuity delightful, joyful and fascinating. It was like a game, pure play.

Ros Coleman's Spirit Artist Guide

One of my spirit teachers was an artist called Matthew. He guided my hand to make the drawings. Matthew told me that he lived in Boston, USA. He owned ships which travelled to the Far East and returned laden with spices and tea. Matthew had loved art. He would retire to his study to paint, resplendently attired in silk smoking jacket and slippers.

One day I asked Matthew if he would paint his self-portrait. He said “yes” on condition that I didn’t try to take over the drawing myself (my achilles heel). At one point I tried to change the left eye which didn’t seem to align perfectly with the right. Matthew stopped. “Please let me do it” he said. Irreverently I found this amusing.

Eventually I started painting spirit guides and past life portraits for family and friends. I started going to spiritualist church and found that many of the people in my drawings were recognised. It was at this point that I realised that psychic art was a form of mediumship.

 Out into the World

Ros Coleman's Spirit Guide - Jacob

At last I was ready for the next step – to start painting these portraits professionally. At this time a new guide, Jacob, appeared during meditation.

He was standing at the foot of mount Sinai, as if about to start a long upwards journey. Jacob seemed as old as that ancient mountain. Tall, strong and barefooted he held out his hand to me. It was gnarled with age and time. I looked at the mountain path. It strewn with rocks and boulders and I realised that it may not be an easy journey.

But I trusted Jacob. I felt that those strong hands would be there for me should I stumble or fall. The path I chose up that mountain was not an easy one, but it was right. Along the way I learned to be grounded and to remain steadfast to my Truth. I learned to remain calm and clear, even though chaos may be all about. Most valuably the journey taught me to understand and trust my inner guidance above all else. Yes, of course I stumbled, even crashed a couple of times, but Jacob was always there.

I now develop and facilitate spiritual courses online. The processes employed to facilitate awakening and self-discovery are the same as used by my spirit guides. 

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