Psychic Art Portrait and Photo

The Story of Lucy’s psychic portrait

IN 1989 my sister Lucy passed to spirit. She was 34 years old, her life had fallen apart and she chose to leave this Earth. She was suffering and nothing anyone could do or say could help her.

OUR FAMILY did what we could to support each other. And in the years that followed, my own search for resolution and healing eventually led me to reiki, and the development circle with Christina and Sandy. It was 17 years after Lucy passed to Spirit before I was finally reunited with her. It happened like this.

OUR CIRCLE met once every week or so and our established routine was to sit for meditation at 7:30pm. On this particular occasion it was a Wednesday in 2006 and my turn to play host. By 7:15pm the room was ready. Music playing softly, candles flickering and refreshments laid out ready on the kitchen table.

SANDY ARRIVED FIRST, then Annette and finally Christina. As always we hugged and sat down to chat for a few minutes before our ‘classes’ started. Christina was unusually quiet and I asked her if anything was the matter. After a short pause she opened her valise, took out a large white envelope and said “Ros, I did this a few days ago and feel I have to give it to you”.

Spirit Portrait of Lucy by Christina

Christina’s picture

I WAS charmed and curious. A present for me? Wow! Opening the envelope I took out a picture. I was struck by its beauty but puzzled – Christina had always said she couldn’t draw. But this was stunning! I was lost for words.

Christina started to speak, explaining that a few weeks before she had felt an urge to buy pastels, an easel and some paper. This week, on Sunday, she had felt an urge to try them out and found herself creating this picture. I had come into her mind very strongly so she had decided to give the picture to me.

As I gazed at the beautiful woman in the picture, it began to dawn on me that it looked a lot like Lucy. I couldn’t quite take it in. The eyes were just like hers, as was the mouth, nose, shape of her face. The colour, the green colour was Lucy’s favourite. She’d called it ‘chartreuse’.

I felt as though I were in a dream. This just couldn’t be possible. Christina didn’t know about Lucy and I hadn’t mentioned her to anyone else in or outside our circle of friends. I told Christina Lucy’s story and how much like her the picture was, and all she could say was “Well, I knew it was for you”.


Mum’s photo of Lucy

THE FOLLOWING DAY I phoned Mum and told her about Christina’s painting. Mum responded by saying that on Wednesday evening she had felt an urge to seek out a specific photograph of Lucy. On a whim I asked “What time was that, Mum?” and she replied “Just before Coronation Street started, dear.” Coronation Street, Mum’s favourite TV programme started at 7:30pm. That would have been pretty much the same time that Christina gave me the picture. Mum and I exchanged copies of our respective pictures of Lucy by post.

RECEIVING Mum’s photo, once again I was lost for words. The images were as alike as could be. My Mum is very rational and down to earth, but she was struck by the likeness, even going so far as to say that Christina’s picture was more like Lucy than the photograph because it portrayed Lucy’s essence.

AFTER 17 YEARS of searching, wishing and hoping, my prayer for a message from Lucy had been answered. And what a message! The love, gratitude and joy I felt was so profound I wanted to share it with the whole world. I can feel it now, even as I write. This is the moment that inspired me to develop “The Art of Creative Consciousness”. A psychic art course opens up this extraordinary, beautiful world of extra-sensory creativity to anyone, anywhere in the world.

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