Gallery of Fairies and Elemental Spirit Guides

Every natural form in nature (water, air, crystal, wood, plants..everything) has a source essence and energy. Nature Spirits, e.g. fairies, mermaids, devas and so on, are these natural life forms. In my portraits they represent themselves in a way the human person they are guiding can attach meaning and identity to them. Nature spirits have personality and wisdom and they appear often as spiritual guides to people who love nature. The mermaid formed a bond with a lady who loved swimming in the ocean. The fairies here enjoyed the company of people who loved flowers and woodland walks.


Would you like to see your Spirit Guide?

A unique portrait of your own personal spirit guide channelled by Ros Coleman.

Choice of glowing colour pastel  or soft B&W graphite pencil. A written reading is optional.


Details and Order Info here

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