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A GLOBAL AWAKENING is taking place, a shift in consciousness. Many people are ‘waking up’, reconnecting with ancient, inbuilt abilities that have lain dormant for generations. Perceptions are changing as old beliefs and values are being questioned. ‘Psychic’ or ‘intuitive’? ‘Ghosts’ or ‘Spirits’? ‘Mediumship’ or ‘Madness’?

Well thank goodness for that!

I was born at a time when certain words spelt fear, self-doubt, alienation from one’s peer group – even ones family.  Were these visions, sounds, feelings and emotions really  all down to an over-active imagination? Was I ‘normal’? It was a scary time.

Yes. I am indeed very normal. And down-to-earth. Practical too. I am also a psychic artist, clairvoyant and empath.

I have helped countless people who are awakening to understand, accept and embrace the amazing, powerful beings they truly are.

I am here for people who are awakening

To listen. To answer your questions.

Bring your questions and your story

I will tell you what I see and feel and then, with your permission, I will ask you questions. And we will talk.

I am a See-er and an Empath
That means I can see and sense your inner emotional experience and pick up on issues that are relevant to you in that moment. It is literally like being on your wavelength. I also see who is helping you in spirit and know how they are helping you.

Fees and Payment

Single Sessions: £120

Six Sessions (once a fortnight for three months): £600 (£100 per session for 6 sessions)

   1-1 with Ros

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   1-1 with Ros

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Every Picture tells a Story


Pictures are energy. Colours are energy. Challenges, issues and unwanted patterns are part of our journey. But when they have had their time, and it is time to leave them behind, a brighter future awaits.

It is as if a story has been told and the page to a new chapter has been turned. During your session, as your story is told, you have an option to have your process and your new chapter illustrated during your session.

Each picture starts as a mystery, an unknowing. And as the story unfolds, the colours and shapes start to make sense, they adapt and change, becoming complete when the page is ready to turn.

The picture becomes a powerful symbol, as unique as your journey, holding the energy of your transformation to keep as long as you need it.

1-1 with Picture

       Buy One Session


1-1 with Picture

       Buy Six Sessions


To ask me a question please email  ros@roscoleman.com


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