PoppitTHIS IS POPPIT my little black and white rescue, sweet, gentle and trusting despite a terrible start in life. She was sent to me by the angels in 2001, 2 years after my cat Cassie had crossed the rainbow bridge. Through Poppit and a string of extraordinary coincidences, I discovered that animals have spirit guides and angels. This is Poppit’s story.

A sunny Saturday in Autumn, 2008 found me giving a demonstration of psychic art at the Spiritual Truth Society in Liverpool, UK. Afterwards, the organiser pushed a shy lady towards me and introduced her as ‘Brenda’. Brenda told me that Spirit had something to show me and that it was important.

I could see that Brenda felt very awkward saying this, because Spirit hadn’t happened to mention what this important thing was. Doubly so because Spirit expected me to visit the Isle of Man, where Brenda lived, in order to see it!

As luck would have it I had booked a fortnight’s holiday the previous week – somewhere I had never been before. Where? The Isle of Man. Thirteen days later, armed with pastels and paper (just in case) I met Brenda at her home in Douglas on the beautiful Isle of Man, a jewel in the Irish sea.

After a pub lunch and a catch up, Brenda drove me to the ancient site of Tynwald, atop a windy hill on the outskirts of Douglas. As we sat together on a large rock, a chill wind whistled uncomfortably about our ears. Brenda started talking to me quietly and immediately I began to channel a picture.

We sat on those old stones discussing our love for animals, birds and nature, a subject close to my heart. And as we talked a kind-faced man in monk’s clothing materialised on the paper beneath my hands. As can happen when I’m channelling, the situation took on a dreamlike quality.

Brenda’s voice started me out of my reverie. “Ros” she said “you do realise it not me talking to you, but somebody talking through me. The guide you are painting is yours. You do realize I’m a medium, don’t you?” By now somewhat bemused (I had assumed that the picture was for someone else) I listened as Brenda continued.

“Ros, why would this man call you ‘Nurse’?”

I was baffled. The only time I had ever felt like a nurse was in the months before Cassie had passed. She had become deaf, nearly blind and had needed constant care. I remembered thinking at the time that this must be how a nurse feels when they care for elderly people. I looked at the monk but he was saying nothing until I had returned to my hotel room later that evening.

St-Francis-of-AssisiMy new guide communicated that he was a deeply religious man who loved all natural life. He told me that he communicated with animals and knew them as pure and innocent spiritual beings. I was very happy with my guide but did not see him again for another four weeks, when he came to me in a lucid dream.

He was shining, luminous. At his feet were animals of all kinds, large and small. He gazed at me with an expression of such tranquility, peace and calm, I felt my heart pouring love to him. What a wonderful man, caring for all these animals in the spirit world. Just like St. Francis.

Two weeks later Poppit became very ill. It was feline leukaemia and I had to choose that hardest and kindest thing. Poppet was 8 years old and I had always assumed that she would live as long as Cassie. It was as heartbreaking as anyone who has lost their own beloved pet will know.

That night St Francis returned again in my dreams. He was holding Poppit tenderly in his arms and I knew that she was safe with him. I realised then that meeting Brenda, talking with him through her, and his previous visit was preparation for this moment of complete understanding. He was proving to me that he was caring not only for Poppit, but all our companion animals when they leave this world for Heaven.

I see animals as a pure and innocent manifestation of perfect love. And that the love we hold in our hearts for them is a bond that connects us to them eternally. When they pass we only have to think of them and that love will bring them close.

As I was writing this article my cats Bracken and Pippin, who are normally very playful, sat quiet and close, watching and purring.

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