What Students say about the Psychic Art Course

Nicola Warwick, Manchester, UK

I’m absolutely loving this eCourse. It’s a complete revelation for me. I just can’t thank you enough for introducing me to psychic art.  It’s been a wonderful journey and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.  Definitely the best thing I’ve done in such a long time! The eCourse has taught me to trust my intuition much more and not dismiss things because it’s a very quiet voice. It’s also been a complete revelation – never having been an artist my skills have improved throughout the eCourse and it’s been therapeutic as well as insightful. The only way I can describe it is as magical. Some of the drawings I’ve done have been incredible, unexpected and mind blowing. I’ve loved every minute and I will be continuing to develop my skills.

Heather Kendrick

Ros’s course has made me more open to connection with higher self and spirit increased awareness to look out for signs from Angels and guides sometimes when I go for a walk its like all the colours of nature are intensified and the world is a more beautiful place.


Gill Harris


Dear Ros, Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for an excellent course.  It has been really enjoyable and relaxing and energising and another big step forward in the development in a way I could never have imagined. Talk about synchronicity!!  And met lovely guides and lovely peeps to natter with too and feel really supported. Inspirational!

Lorraine Phillips

This is a life skill that can be carried on beyond the course time of 2 months – it’s for life. The beauty of the course is that although it runs for 2 months, there is no pressure to keep up. You can go at your own pace in your own time. The support of the group on FB is nurturing and encouraging – it’s like being part of a spiritual family.



Sharen Martinson

Hi Ros – Thanks so much for the course – it has been great. I have benefited so much from the group and your guidance and experience. What a lovely group of people and energy of love.

All the Best, Sharen

Lily Halter, Texas, USA

Absolutely loved, loved this online course, “The Art of Creative Consciousness”  by Ros Coleman!! Ros has put her heart and soul into this class and it shows.  All the videos, meditations, the class modules, email interactions, weekly teleconferences are professional, fun and keep you motivated.  Interviews with artists Christina and Alison were helpful as to getting other artist’s perspectives in the field.  The email interactions with Ros and the special Facebook page set up has been supportive, fun, inspiring and entertaining at times. Lovely interactions!  The class modules are amazing, with so much information provided, great exercises and colorful works of Ros’s psychic art throughout.  Ros provides some soothing, deep relaxing meditations to get you started on your psychic artist journey. I’m sad to see the class come to an end, but feel very blessed to have had this experience and looking forward to continuing the path of developing my skills as a psychic artist and taking future online courses from Ros. I highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in becoming a psychic artist.  No prior art skills or prior psychic classes needed.  Jump in and enjoy the process.  Thank you so much, Ros!!

Julia Phoenix Emerson, Manchester, UK

This course has helped me immensely on a path I already knew I was taking.  It has helped me to focus the intention, rather than just wait for the messages to “arrive” which is what I was doing before.  The meditations I found particularly useful to help me “connect”, and Ros’s support and enthusiasm is fantastic.  I am definitely taking this forward as part of my own healing practice and I am very excited about it!  Thank you so much Ros, it has been a really well constructed, informative and supportive course which I have enjoyed tremendously. The Facebook page was/is invaluable, it is so interesting to see how each of us developed and approached their art and the different comments.

Jayne Muncil-Boehringer, Canada

I have connected with art guides and some other guides through the triangle dream due to this course. Also, hugely for me, this is the first time I have ever enjoyed watercolor and done pictures that I like or even keep. I love mine and love the process. I am deeply appreciative of all the effort this took! I hope you offer further classes online…thank you!

Ann Wilson, Manchester, UK

Hi Ros, Just want to say again thanks so much for such a fantastic course.   I have really loved it and look forward to continuing on this new path!  The course has given me a real boost and sense of reconnection with my spiritual journey.  It has also helped me in my drawing practice as I have been making a conscious effort to draw on a regular basis.  I have also enjoyed connecting with the group and hearing their input and have decided to develop my spiritual practice further. xx

Gill Harris, Maidstone, UK

I have to say this course has been an amazing ride, from scribble to some drawings which I know I could never produce alone and even now I don’t know what they are going to be until they are well advanced. Learning to decipher claircognizance from imagination, especially if you may have had it for a long time without realizing what it was is a key step. “The course work books are of an extremely high standard and very practical help on progressing both the art work and the spiritual development (higher than many I’ve seen in my day job profession). Lovely mix of exercises, video, reading and links to related material. Brilliant idea to use Facebook and leave the group up there for us to continue nattering and swapping after the course. Bouncing ideas and pictures off the others in a safe space has been fantastic. And finally, many thanks to you Ros. I have so enjoyed the whole course, meeting some lovely like minded folk (here and ‘upstairs’) and really surprised myself. Can’t wait to see where it leads next. Xx

Nicola Warwick, Manchester, UK

Dear Ros, I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this course.  I am in awe of your eCourse and everything you have put together.  I watched the teleseminar and it was fabulous. Without a doubt this is the most comprehensive and engaging eCourse I’ve ever done. I don’t want this eCourse to end! Thank you! I’m so grateful to have been included in this eCourse. I’ve learned so much and benefited in ways I couldn’t have imagined. It’s been eye opening and wonderful. I really can’t fault anything – the quality and standard of the materials, videos and teleconferences has been outstanding. It’s far and away the best eCourse I’ve ever done. It kept my interest from start to finish and made me want more!

Texas Lily, USA

This course has been amazing to me in so many ways.  First it got me back to drawing again which has been surprisingly fun and emotionally uplifting. Second, it has made me aware of some emotional garbage that needed to be cleared and made me aware of some judgments that I still need to let go of.  Also, kind of like art therapy… understanding the meaning of colors and symbols in a drawing. Third, it has reinforced some psychic abilities that probably have been dormant or maybe I just haven’t realized before how much in a day I actually use my psychic abilities.  (I think we all are doing this, each at our own levels and levels of awareness.) Cool stuff.

Lindsay Simmons, Cheshire, UK

Upon beginning Ros’s Creative Consciousness course I was initially nervous about sharing my pictures with others as I had not enjoyed drawing since being a child.  The great thing is that you do not have to be a great ‘artist’ –  Ros is very enthusiastic and teaches you to follow your intuition through her guided workshops and webinars and all the students encourage each other and share their experiences. It was lovely to see how we all developed and how diverse the art work was.  Much of the channelled art was a surprise even to ourselves! We all still keep in touch and encourage each other, which is an added bonus.  I can really recommend the course.


“This is the most comprehensive and engaging eCourse I’ve ever done.

I don’t want this eCourse to end!”

Nicola Warwick, Manchester, UK


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