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 The Art of Creative Consciousness *Live Schedule*

Next Course runs  1 August – 19 September, 2015

Have you ever wanted to be a Psychic Artist?

Do you want to develop Intuitively, Creatively and Spiritually?

Do you want to feel more Confident in your Creative or Intuitive Abilities?

Would you like to create Spiritual Art and Understand its Meaning?

Do you want to feel closer to your Spirit Guides?

Would you like to help others by giving messages, readings and art?

The Art of Creative Consciousness Course

is for you if…..

YOU ANSWERED “Yes” to any of the above questions

YOU WANT to enjoy painting as an expression of spiritual love and connection.

YOU ARE BEGINNING your journey OR already have some experience at psychic art.

YOU WANT TO build confidence in your creative and intuitive abilities and your inner guidance.

On this Psychic Art Course you will learn how to….

CREATE the right state of mind for channelling psychic art.
CONNECT with the source of Creation.
CHANNEL psychic art.
UNDERSTAND when you are receiving messages, insights and guidance from Spirit and your highest self.
FINE-TUNE and develop your own intuitive senses abilities.
READ from your pictures, colour, symbols, lines, shapes and more.
TELL the difference between what is imagination, thoughts and spirit communication.
WORK in partnership with your spirit artist guide.
CREATE intuitive or psychic art for other people.

About this Course and the Course Tutors


The Art of Creative Consciousness Course was created by course leader International Psychic Artist Ros Coleman for creative, intuitive people who want to learn psychic art.

Ros was taught psychic art by teachers and artists in Spirit through meditation in 2004 and has worked as a full-time professional psychic artist since then. You will experience the same techniques and processes used by Ros’s spirit guides (more), in an environment of love, support and encouragement.

The course is designed to encourage your natural abilities to unfold in line with your own individual creative style.

Joining Us…

To offer you their expertise and unique insights are angel channel, artist and author Alison Knox of Everyday Angels and Christina Bumble.  Christina specialises in painting portraits of people in Spirit and giving their messages. Christina’s very first painting was of Ros’s sister (read in full here). Since then Christina has reunited many people in the physical world with evidential portraits of their loved ones in Spirit.

How the Course Works

Weekly Webinars

The course runs from 1st August 2015  with 8 live, interactive webinars which are run weekly. Each webinar will be recorded so you will be able to listen and view the replays as many times as you wish. 

Facebook Community

You will join our exclusive (secret) Facebook community and have free access for 6 months while you continue to develop your skills. Here you will :-

– Receive individual support from Ros

– Be able to post and share your experiences with other students in this class

Access to the Classroom and Course Material

The classroom and all course materials, resources, webinars and replays are accessed online with your own login and password.

Certificate of Completion

When you have completed all the course modules, you will receive a beautiful certificate of completion.

Each week…

– covers a different topic and builds upon what you have learned week by week.

– you will receive a beautifully illustrated and info-packed partwork.

– you will see interviews with gifted psychic artists, video tutorials, meditation (if appropriate for that week) and creative/intuitive activities.

– each partwork incorporates new material and adds to your understanding and experience.

Topics Covered throughout the Course

  • A guide to painting and drawing materials (every budget catered for).
  • Pre-programme exercise for clarifying your intentions for the course.
  • Preparatory exercises and awareness.
  • Belief work for those who are seeking to build confidence.
  • How to access the creatively conscious zone.
  • Channelling psychic art
  • Working with your Spirit Artist Guide
  • Clair (clear) senses and intuitive abilities – awareness and development
  • The power of Intention
  • Reading colour, shape and form
  • The difference between “imagination” and intuitive/spiritual communication.
  • Introduction to spirit guides – what is and what is not their purpose with us.
  • Auragrams
  • Creating an intuitive artwork for others – structure and approach
  • Balancing your energy holistically.
  • Resources for further development.
  • And much more…




What Our Students Say

“I’m absolutely loving this eCourse. It’s a complete revelation for me. I just can’t thank you enough for introducing me to psychic art.  It’s been a wonderful journey and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.  Definitely the best thing I’ve done in such a long time!

The eCourse has taught me to trust my intuition much more and not dismiss things because it’s a very quiet voice. It’s also been a complete revelation – never having been an artist my skills have improved throughout the eCourse and it’s been therapeutic as well as insightful.

The only way I can describe it is as magical. Some of the drawings I’ve done have been incredible, unexpected and mind blowing. I’ve loved every minute and I will be continuing to develop my skills.”
Nicola Warwick, Manchester, UK 

“This course has been amazing to me in so many ways.  First it got me back to drawing again which has been surprisingly fun and emotionally uplifting.

Second, it has made me aware of some emotional garbage that needed to be cleared and made me aware of some judgments that I still need to let go of.  Also, kind of like art therapy… understanding the meaning of colors and symbols in a drawing. Third, it has reinforced some psychic abilities that probably have been dormant or maybe I just haven’t realized before how much in a day I actually use my psychic abilities.  (I think we all are doing this, each at our own levels and levels of awareness). Cool stuff.”
Lily Halter, Texas, USA

More Testimonies

Can’t make the Live Class?

The real-time value of this course is £3640.

Do join us – if you want to learn psychic art you will LOVE this course.

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