Psychic Art Course – Home Study

“The Art of Creative Consciousness”

“the most comprehensive and engaging eCourse I’ve ever done!” – Nicola Warwick

Have you ever wanted to be a Psychic Artist?

Do you want to develop Intuitively, Creatively and Spiritually?

Do you want to feel more Confident in your Creative or Intuitive Abilities?

Would you like to create Spiritual Art and Understand its Meaning?

Do you want to feel closer to your Spirit Guides?

Would you like to help others by giving messages, readings and art?

No previous experience necessary

THIS COURSE is suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy painting as an expression of spiritual love and connection.
YOU MAY be at the beginning of your journey OR already have some experience.
BECAUSE psychic art is channelled you do not need to be able to draw or paint. The course teaches you how to connect with the Creative Consciousness, channel psychic art, and develop your natural intuitive abilities.
THIS COURSE is designed to build confidence. Many of our students started this course with very little self-confidence, believing they had little or no artistic ability; doubting whether it would work for them or mistrusting their own inner guidance.
IF any of the above sounds familiar and you really want to learn, this course is for you.

– You don’t need to be an artist

– You don’t need to have any artistic experience.

– If you like the idea and want to have a go, you are already halfway there!

– Some of the most amazing psychic paintings created this course were by by students who said “but I can’t paint….”

On this Psychic Art Course you will learn how to….

CREATE the right state of mind for channelling psychic art.
CONNECT with the source of Creation.
CHANNEL psychic art.
UNDERSTAND when you are receiving messages, insights and guidance from Spirit and your highest self.
FINE-TUNE and develop your own intuitive senses abilities.
READ from your pictures, colour, symbols, lines, shapes and more.
TELL the difference between what is imagination, thoughts and spirit communication.
WORK in partnership with your spirit artist guide.
CREATE intuitive or psychic art for other people.


EXPERIENCED PSYCHIC ARTISTS will be sharing their secrets and insights for channelling psychic pictures with you.

About this Course and the Course Tutors


“I developed this course directly in line with how I was taught by my own guides, teachers and artists in Spirit. You will learn as I learned, using the very same techniques and processes (more) used by my spirit guides, in an environment of love, support and encouragement.

In this course I share with you the knowledge, techniques and practices gained over 12 years experience working with spirit as a full time psychic artist.  You will have room to grow and blossom in your own unique way, because your way is like no other. This is your journey and this course has been created to support and sustain you, and to nurture your confidence as you develop your art and intuitive connection in your own individual way.”

Ros Coleman, Course Leader

Joining Ros to offer your their expertise and unique insights are angel channel, artist and author Alison Knox of Everyday Angels and Christina Bumble.  Christina specialises in painting portraits of people in Spirit and giving their messages. Christina’s very first painting was of Ros’s sister (read in full here). Since then Christina has reunited many people in the physical world with evidential portraits of their loved ones in Spirit.

How the Psychic Art Course Works

AOCC_Welcome_Pack_Cover_3DYou can purchase the entire course at any time to download, save and study at home.

In Summary

SEVEN ILLUSTRATED PARTWORKS richly packed with a balance of explanatory and illustrative text, tutorials, interviews, examples, meditations, videos and activities.


ONE YEAR FREE MEMBERSHIP of our private (secret) Facebook Community – an active and vibrant community of psychic art students. Here you can post your pictures and experiences and receive support and encouragement. Ros visits regularly to offer individual support, answer questions and give insights. Lifetime friendships have been formed in this wonderful community. It is rated one of the best loved features of The Art of Creative Consciousness Psychic Art course.


BONUS ACCESS to 16 recordings from 2 previous live courses. Here you will see the magic happening as students on these courses discovered the extraordinary connections they were making through their art. These recordings are packed with a wealth of valuable learning content and amazing synchronicities, love and fun. The entire course is based on love. And we have fun along the way.

Start enjoying the course Now

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What you will receive

WITH EACH PART you will receive a beautifully illustrated and info-packed eWorkbook (30-50 pages) with videos to watch; interviews with gifted psychic artists; written and video tutorials, meditation (if appropriate that week) and creative activities to take part in. There will be a weekly Masterclass with topics related to the current stage of the course.

Each partwork builds on what you have learned in the previous weeks, incorporating new material and adding to your understanding and experience.

Welcome Pack – Your Journey Begins


YOUR WELCOME PACK is a complete module in itself. It contains all you need to be prepared for the journey ahead. We explore the must have’s and don’t needs in your emotional landscape so you can truly welcome and enter the creative/connective zone.

Many people find that they would love to do intuitive art but have concerns and self-doubt about their ability. There are many reasons for this and although this doesn’t apply to everyone, self-doubt is natural to people who care, but you will find that it does not have to inhibit either creativity or intuitive ability.


  • Support and administrative information.
  • A guide to painting and drawing materials (every budget catered for).
  • Pre-programme exercise for clarifying your intentions for the course.
  • Preparatory exercises and awareness.
  • Belief work for those who are seeking to build confidence.

 Part 1 – The Creatively Conscious Mind


PART ONE includes tutorials and meditations that will help to relieve any possible worries or concerns that may be trying to put the dampers on your joy and fulfilment.

You will meet the spirit guides who are supporting you from the celestial realms. Feel the warmth of their love, know you are in the best possible hands.


Exercises, meditation, activities and videos. Essential preparation to prepare you for getting into the zone, ready for channelling your first channelled drawing.

Part 2 – Channelling Psychic Art

AOCC_Part_2_3D_CoverPLAYTIME! This Part focusses on activities that will really open up your connection with the Creative Consciousness and allow the creative energy to flow.

And so the fun begins. What will you be drawing or painting? Who knows? Be excited!…be curious….be fascinated!

You will be able to share your experiences with other course members – a great thing because you will learn so much from this communication and the support and insights from psychic artists with a wide range of experience, styles and technical abilities.


  •  The Spiritual Realms – Ros takes you on a journey that gives you unique insights into the world of spirit – angels, spirit guides and much, infinitely much more.
  • What it may be like when you channel your first psychic drawing.
  • The power of intention.
  • Activity – channelling your first psychic drawing. A beautiful meditation takes you straight to the zone.

Part 3 – The Magic of Colour

AOCC_Part_Three_3DMORE FUN and fascination! Colour is energy and colour is information. Colour is also a powerful tool that your spirit guides and mentors can use to communicate information to you.

And this is just the start! You can receive information from spirit in so many different ways.

This week we will also start to explore how you can receive information from spirit and so you will begin to uncover your unique process using the beautiful medium of painting and drawing.


  • Tutorial – Introduction to the clair, or “clear” senses.
  • The difference between “imagination” and intuitive or spiritual communication.
  • Colour in Psychic Art
  • Reading from colour

Part 4 – Clair-Sensory Communication

Psychic Art Course by Ros Coleman - Part 4THE CREATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS is the space where Divinity resides. Its energy is supreme Love, Grace and Intelligence beyond the bounds of imagination. It exists for us all. It exists for you, for your spiritual growth and fulfilment.

So now our play and practice starts to focus on two-way communication with this divine state of being.

What do you want? …Understanding?…Insight?….To meet your own personal spirit guides?…Answers to questions?

Here we go deeper into using our natural intuitive abilities, building on what you have learned and opening to the magic. A variety of activities to develop your clear senses and use them to communicate with your spirit guides.


  • The clair senses and how to recognise which senses you are naturally using.
  • Introduction to developing your clear senses.
  • Introduction to spirit guides – what is and is not their purpose with us.
  • Working with your spirit artist guide.
  • Auragrams

Part 5 – Intuitive Art for Others

Psychic Art Course by Ros Coleman - Part 5IN PART FIVE we go one step further. With the techniques you have learned, you can create a psychic/spiritual picture for someone else and present them with a unique piece of art, divine energy and something special to treasure.

We focus here on how to structure and conduct a sitting with a friend for recreational purposes, with essential guidance as to what, and what not, to do and say.

Looking after yourself and balancing your energy is an essential aspect of any spiritual activity, and becomes more important a) as your sensitivity increases and b) when you are working with other people and are open to their energies.

In this part we discuss and explore ways and means of maintaining holistic balance in both these areas. Includes activities and disciplines to protect and clear your energy field.  

Part 6 – Your Journey Continues

Psychic Art Course by Ros Coleman - Part 6BE IT NOW or in the future, you may wish to take your gifts out to the world.

This partwork explores opportunities and openings available to you and options for further development and support.

Includes a list of resources for further learning and development.


IF YOU have the calling to be come a psychic artist but do not have the resources or means to access a quality course near you, this course has been designed and developed for you.

DO YOU want to engage and interact with others and receive support as part of your learning experience? This course delivers this via our vibrant and active Facebook group – a community of developing psychic artists and Art of Creative Consciousness students. Many of our students rate this one of the most valuable and motivational aspects of this course.

Developed by experienced psychic artist and professional course designer, Ros Coleman, we believe it is undoubtedly the most comprehensive and engaging multi media Psychic Art Course available to study at home today.

Start enjoying the course Now

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What Our Students Say

“I’m absolutely loving this eCourse. It’s a complete revelation for me. I just can’t thank you enough for introducing me to psychic art.  It’s been a wonderful journey and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.  Definitely the best thing I’ve done in such a long time! The eCourse has taught me to trust my intuition much more and not dismiss things because it’s a very quiet voice. It’s also been a complete revelation – never having been an artist my skills have improved throughout the eCourse and it’s been therapeutic as well as insightful. The only way I can describe it is as magical. Some of the drawings I’ve done have been incredible, unexpected and mind blowing. I’ve loved every minute and I will be continuing to develop my skills.”
Nicola Warwick, Manchester, UK 

“This course has been amazing to me in so many ways.  First it got me back to drawing again which has been surprisingly fun and emotionally uplifting. Second, it has made me aware of some emotional garbage that needed to be cleared and made me aware of some judgments that I still need to let go of.  Also, kind of like art therapy… understanding the meaning of colors and symbols in a drawing. Third, it has reinforced some psychic abilities that probably have been dormant or maybe I just haven’t realized before how much in a day I actually use my psychic abilities.  (I think we all are doing this, each at our own levels and levels of awareness). Cool stuff.”
Lily Halter, Texas, USA

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