Intellectual Property and Copyright

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A lifetime of experience as a professional artist, writer and course developer has taught me the value of protecting my “intellectual property”.

I and others who work as healers, therapists and artists in the spiritual community have been blessed with unique and wonderful “gifts” which we share in our work with open hearts and integrity. Alas there are a few unscrupulous folk out there who think nothing of using other peoples’ gifts for their own advantage and gain.

Some people misguidedly believe that it is OK to copy images and words “from the internet” without first asking permission from their creator. It is not. It is illegal.

We spiritual folk understand that the Universe has its own way of dealing with dishonest operators, and that in the long run their behaviour will not fare them well. Thankfully we also know that our unique gifts (and words and images) can be protected by LAW.

For example…..

My Intellectual Property (images of my paintings, the original paintings themselves, the text in my courses, my books and on these web pages) is wholly owned and controlled by me. In Law. IT IS NOT OK to copy or publish, in any form or on any media, my Intellectual Property without my express permission in writing plus acknowledgement that I am the originator plus adding a link to the home page of my website. If commercial gain is involved I would in addition require a fee.

My Copyright (indicated on my web pages and images by the words “copyright” or © automatically protects my creative or artistic works. No one can use any copyrighted work without the copyright owner’s permission. Even without these symbols present any original work is copyrighted. So if, for example, someone were to reproduce my work by photocopying, scanning or even attempting to emulate my work by painting or drawing the same images, they would be infringing my copyright.

Copyright infringement is a CRIMINAL offence and can result in imprisonment and a permanent criminal record.

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