Your spirit guides help you by drawing close to your energy field. This makes their skills and abilities, ideas, thoughts and communication available to you. An example of this was an experience I shared with a quiet young man I shall call Tom, at Gorton Monastery, a splendid spiritual building on the outskirts of Manchester, UK.


Tom’s Spirit Guide

Tom was silent throughout his entire sitting. As my spirit artist guide painted Tom’s spirit guide, Tom and I observed then Tom’s guide started to explain his purpose with Tom. His message was very clear and I saw this like a technicolour film, bright and clear in my mind’s eye.

A Middle Eastern city was at the heart of a war. The city was divided in two, as each side sought to win and gain control of the other. Tom’s guide was highly intelligent. Yet I saw him dressing himself as a tramp, muddying his clothes and spilling local hooch over his head and clothing.

Waiting until nightfall, he silently crossed the city until he had reached  the enemy’s territory. His gait changed, shuffling along until he finally slumped himself at the foot of a stone wall, looking for all the world like a dirty pile of rags and reeking of alcohol.

Two enemy guardsmen were patrolling the walls. They stopped close to Tom’s guide, noting the tattered and inert bundle lying still on the pathway. One aimed a kick, his foot connecting with a dull thud, but this act of violence only served to elicit a drunken grunt followed by a loud snore. Laughing in contempt, the soldiers straightened themselves up, leant against the wall and started to talk.

When they eventually moved on, Tom’s guide quietly picked himself up and made his way unobtrusively back to his camp with the information he had picked up from the patrolling guards.

Tom’s guide was what I could only describe as a ‘covert operator’ or ‘undercover agent’. Tom asked me for his guide’s name but the guide refused to answer. Laughing, Tom said “That makes sense. I’m in the TA’s (Territorial Army) and my papers to join the SAS (Special Air Service) arrived this morning.”

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